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Shotty Shell Pouch HD

Shotty Shell Pouch HD

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The Shotty Shell Pouch HD has heavy duty material on this waterproof shotgun shell pouch from Shotty Gear. This heavy duty shotgun shell pouch will keep your shells dry and accessible throughout your hunt and for many seasons to come. It easily holds up to 45 shells.

A shotgun shell pouch for every hunter and every situation. The Shotty Shell Pouch holds 35-45 shells. It keeps them dry, contained, and ready for the next adventure in the boat, blind or field.

A waterproof shotgun shell pouch offers several advantages over other types of shotgun shell pouches. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Protection: The primary advantage of a waterproof shotgun shell pouch is that it protects the ammunition from moisture, dust, and debris. This is particularly important for those who frequently use their shotgun in wet or harsh conditions.

  2. Durability: Waterproof shotgun shell pouches are made from durable materials, which are resistant to tears, punctures, and abrasions. This means that the pouch can withstand harsh conditions and will last longer than other types of pouches.

  3. Convenience: With a waterproof shotgun shell pouch, you don't have to worry about carrying additional waterproofing gear to protect your ammunition. The pouch is designed to keep the shells dry, so you can focus on your shooting.

  4. Versatility: Many waterproof shotgun shell pouches come with adjustable straps or loops, which allow you to attach them to your belt, vest, or backpack. This makes them easy to carry and access while you're out in the field.

Overall, a waterproof shotgun shell pouch is a smart investment for anyone who wants to protect their ammunition and ensure that it's easily accessible in any weather conditions.

Product Weight: 3oz

Product Dimensions: 4.75 in wide X 7.5 in tall

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